Plan & Track Operations

Great operation starts with the proper planning. Our planning and tracking module allows you to not only plan operations, but also to link with previously learned lessons and plan required resources. You don’t need to know what you don’t know; we’ll tell you and help you to stay on track.


Manage Logistics

Have you ever lost equipment, or been forced to postpone an operation because equipment wasn’t delivered on time? Trust us, we know how it hurts. But you don’t need to experience it anymore. Our logistic module gives you a full, end-to-end overview of the logistic chain. You’ll know where every piece of the equipment is at any point in time.


Costs Under Control

What’s the cost status of your operations? Which invoices have you paid? Are you within budget? All of this information is just a click away from you in our cost module. You don’t need to wait for project reconciliation to breathe a sigh of relief. We’ll make sure there are no nasty surprises in store for you.


Knowledge Database

It’s a great idea to put all of your experience in a knowledge database, but then what? How will you use it? Who will go through the thousands of lessons learned, NCR’s and reports to make sure that your next operation will not repeat the same mistakes? With our Opportunities and Lessons module all the hard work is done for you as our software will close the learning loop without months of browsing through the data. All the relevant information will be delivered to you, and you’ll decide how to use it.


No Double Work

Do your employees have to retype or manually exchange data between the systems in order to keep them up to date? Why waste time on this? Thanks to the integration within OilfieldOS information only needs to be entered once then it is visible for all parties. Even better, responsible parties will be notified if the data changes.


Machine Learning

Are you paying your employees to shuffle enormous amounts of data every day? Why not use the true computational power of computers instead and free up your staff to let them do what humans do best – analyse results and make critical decisions. Your data coupled with our technology will reveal surprising truths about your operations, and improve their efficiency to a level not possible before.

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